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Originally Posted by TRUSTtheDRAWCESS View Post
Since you are both in this thread, I will ask a few questions.
Hi Trust:

Since I've now finished reading POP2 I'll go ahead and answer your questions as best I can.

I've heard reviews and read reviews about POP, notably how it compares to modern poker theory by Acevedo.
While I consider
Modern Poker Theory
to be a good book, in my opinion it does have a few flaws, and thus it's my opinion that Play Optimal Poker 2 is the better book. (Play Optimal Poker 1 is basically a book on Game Theory and Optimal Poker 2 is the book that focuses on poker. My reviews of Modern Poker Theory and Play Optimal Poker 1 can be found here:

Everything I've read about POP is good, but I want to ask the author about the level of difficulty in his books and whether my understanding and knowledge of poker is at the level required for me to properly understand everything he covers.
While I think the book that both of the Play Optimal Poker books are well worth reading, be prepared for a slow read that will require a fair amount of thinking.

I'm a hobbyist micro stakes grinder, and I use a solver to study and understand poker. I have some limited academic background in statistics and therefore understand most basic poker concepts, but my mathematical knowledge is capped around more complicated algebra and towards calculus. Hopefully Brokos can give me some insight on whether he thinks the first book would be too complicated for me at this point. I had started reading mathematics of poker, but haven't continued much as I've instead focused want actually studying more practical poker theory, and I think hopefully maybe his book will bridge both of these for me.
While the Play Optimal Poker books require slow reading, it's not because of the math. The main reason is that some of the discussion is counter-intuitive because that's the way poker is.

Is it possible that he would offer a discount to people buying both POP and POP2 when it is published?
Both books are already published and you can get them on Amazon. As for what the author might do, I can't answer that.

Mason I have greatly appreciated your in-depth reviews of various poker books since I started playing poker seriously.
I do my best.

I was able to get my first actual poker books through the 2+2 book deal, but I see that it is now suspended. Can you give me any insight on this, and specifically if it were to become on suspended would I be able to make another account at another site to earn more 2+2 books?
You don't earn 2+2 books, you have to buy them. They're all available on Amazon. However, our 2+2 Special Book Deals are still available (if you live in the United States) and you can find them here:

Also, we try to change these every four to six weeks. So, if you don't see the book you want, it may become available at these discount prices sometime in the future. Also, a complete list of 2+2 books can be found here:

Best wishes,
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