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Originally Posted by Foucault View Post
Thanks, Mason. When I mentioned correcting typos in the Kindle version, this is the main thing. A few of the image headings incorrectly list the flop as 9 7 6. But the preceding text correctly gives it as 9 7 6, which is what all of the actual results and analysis (including in the improperly labeled images) assume.

Sorry for the confusion. I believe the labels are correct in all versions of the paperback. The e-book on already reflects this correction, and Amazon has had a corrected version of the Kindle book for weeks now - I don't know what is taking them so long to review it.
Hi Foucault:

After posting this I noticed that a couple of pages later, whcxh I read a number of hours later, that the flop did return to two hearts. So, it looked like a type-o to me and that's something I'm very familiar with.

Best wishes,
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