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Originally Posted by Foucault View Post
I published the book through Amazon, and the ISBN I got from them is only valid for sales on Amazon. I can sell the e-book elsewhere, but to sell the paperback elsewhere would require, among other things, acquiring a new ISBN. If you don't know what that is, don't worry about it. Long story short, there's some extra expense and hassle required to sell the paperback elsewhere that I haven't yet undertaken. I appreciate this feedback, though - it's helpful knowing that there's interest in buying the book elsewhere. May convince me to take the necessary steps.
Hi Foucault:

I'm not sure this is correct even though from a publisher's perspective Amazon does some confusing things. Anyway, my understanding is that if you're letting Amazon print the book they can then sell it to other retailers. Of course, you get a lower royalty when they do this, but if there is enough interest in your book Amazon will take care of sales to other sellers.

You may want to check into this because it might be that you did not give Amazon permission to do this (and their rules seem to frequently change).

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