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Re: BetOnline Poker Card Catcher HUD

Originally Posted by Steamy Kangaroo View Post
I am using Ace Poker Solutions. I believe i've set up everything correctly.

At the start HUD was working on all Chico tables, but once I was changed to other table at MTT all HUD stopped working. While continuing playing saw in HM3 Live Play tab that all hands are being imported.

Tried to restart Chico table many times, tried to restart HM3 on break and nothing helped.
As all hands were being imported to HM3 i believe it should be HM3 fault that no HUD is showing on tables?
Where is Table Finder for HM3?

Will also send to Ace Poker Solutions as you suggested.

Thanks for help so far,
Kind regards.


This is what I posted to HM3 thread, Fozzy said to contact You but from logical point of view if hands are being imported to HM3 but HUD is not working how can it be catchers fault?
I have the same problem as above, I found that if I stop catching then start catching again it fixes the issue, but am hoping someone can identify the problem and fix it
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