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Re: Suitedjustice's Ongoing Mid-life Crisis

Originally Posted by Phat Mack View Post
My admittedly ancient experience with doing this is that you have to set them up first. If your first few micro-c-bets are with hands you are willing to commit with, then you'll have an opportunity to put the fear of God into the table with them. Otherwise you'll get tortured doing it.

Alternatively, you can throw in some bluff-stackoffs to keep them on their toes, but I'd rather go for the micro-c-bet/minraise/slam -- it convinces the table that you are a terrible player who sells out his big hands with small bets.
I have a lot to learn still, but it seems like the idea is to crack the whip on a lot of turns, whether for value or for a bluff. I'm still working through it, so I'm not going to extrapolate on that just yet.

Originally Posted by Phat Mack View Post
In the early 50s somebody asked Charlie Parker how he could listen to so much awful country music. He replied to the effect, "The stories, man. Listen to the stories."*

*Ken Burns Jazz PBS documentary?
Originally Posted by Da_Nit View Post
Yeah modern day country is pretty terrible and that’s an accurate description. Yeah I agree with you though I’d probably still rather listen to it than the same 100 pop rock songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s songs over and over again. There’s some that’s tolerable, like this song, Must Be The Whiskey by Cody Jinks. Not sure if that gets radio play though.
It's not my favorite genre by a longshot, but I've always had a few favorites.

When I was a kid it was Charlie Daniels: first (in my youthful chronological order, not Charlie's) it was The Devil Went Down to Georgia, then The Legend of Wooley Swamp, then Still in Saigon, then Uneasy Rider, then Charlie and I had a philosophical parting of the ways, so to speak.

The last few years it's been Johnny Cash. This one's the current favorite--a little country, a little blues, a little gospel, and a lot of ass kicking.

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