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Re: Suitedjustice's Ongoing Mid-life Crisis

First day back at the office with the bosses gone. Of course Windows did a big update over the weekend, which never fails to screw up the office intranet, not to mention that they made everyone's default browser Microsoft Edge without asking for permission. Typical Windows--I think I have most of the fires out.

The nice lady who works here filing docs and answering phones asked if she could turn on the radio, which is perma-set to the local "variety" station, a title that's a huge contradiction in terms, given that they play only 8 of the top 40 songs over and over again, all day long. I have a neurotic aversion to repetitive tripe.

I told her that the station was one of the reasons why I quit this job in the first place. The ****ing thing is still playing songs which made me sick to death two years ago. So now we're listening to country. It's a change of pace.

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