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Re: GGPoker shady dealings: Should we really trust them?

Originally Posted by ejames209 View Post
Well they are quite explicit in that they tell you GG poker is not a place to make money. They want it to be a place where Bob the construction worker plays a couple SNGs after a hard day's work. They tell you in very plain language that they are not a site to make a living at.
if that's the case they should consider removing the leaderboards.

Originally Posted by AndreasAU79 View Post
Not sure if it has already been posted here (or if I shouldn't be posting about it since it's a different case) but among other similar cases there's also this player saying he had been grinding the 1k games/leaderboards, getting top place while playing 6k hands a day and still got warnings for bumhunting. Since his 2nd warning he was playing every table (even 2 of his opponents confirmed this) and still got banned while GG allowed him to withdraw his balance but kept $17k worth of tickets won from leaderboards..

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