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Re: Suitedjustice's Ongoing Mid-life Crisis

Originally Posted by Phat Mack View Post
Abandoned McCarran, and what, the 109 bus?. Saddenz.

Marcus Aurelius was all about identifying what you have control over and what you don't. You have no control over whether a game is good. You do have control over whether you play in it. Another guy who writes about this is Epictetus. He's not as soulful as Aurelius, but his Axiom of Futility is worth checking out.
The bus pic was from the terminal 3 shuttle. The interior is just like the 109 though. I've seen a few Epictetus quotes from time to time, but I haven't read any long pieces by him. I'll have to keep an eye out.

Originally Posted by Da_Nit View Post
Well at least you don’t have to worry about sitting in the middle seat next to two fatties.
Unfortunately, the algorithm that keeps the planes chock full is still viable. My gate area started to fill up a few minutes after I took the pictures. I'm fortunate in that my old bosses generally fly me first class.

The airline gave out snack packs this time instead of the standard first class meal. This allowed me to keep my mask on and stash the snacks away for later. The only time I pulled my mask away was for a total of 3-5 seconds to gulp down a couple of Jack Daniels nips.

On a nastier note, I generally spit into the urinal when I use the public restroom. It's just a behavioral tic which tends to get things started. This time I hawked a loogie right into my mask. I was stone sober at that point.

Originally Posted by Natamus View Post
Walden and Redwall I remember very little of but remember picking both up as a young teen off recommendation from a friend who is a great reader.

Literally can’t even remember the plot of Walden but I remember enjoying it.
I'll prolly be covering Walden when I get back. Redwall was one of those series that was always on my list, but I never pulled the trigger on it.
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