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Re: 700 BB 3/6 hand

The discussion of solvers started when one poster said that GTO would never fold second set, and not everyone agreed.

Mostly iv studied simulations of only 2 or 3 players seeing a flop. But i feel comfortable drawing inferences for certain other situations.

Like i said previously, a solver will use sidecards, the additional equity and inferences they provide to differentiate in many cases. So theoretically a solver might bet/fold tta6 with the bare ace of hearts and without backdoor flush draw because what hands are left for gto solver to xr with, and the equity against them is not enough. This may also assume artifical constraints deviating from how solver would have prefered playing earlier parts of the hand.

But i am really not knowledgeable enough on solvers to want to go much deeper, and might not respond more in this thread, as we have gotten a little off-topic.

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