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Re: Suitedjustice's Ongoing Mid-life Crisis

Originally Posted by suitedjustice View Post
...or not

Several things are still keeping me away from the live tables. First, foremost and as always: I exist within a foreground of procrastinating, living lazy and drifting along with inertia.
I've always kept my mouth shut about the poker-contenty parts of your thread, since in many ways I think I'm the Anti-SJ, but as we all seem to be on break, I'll make an offhand observation: There's only one reason to play 1-2 nl in Vegas, and that's to pick up two essential, yet rare, skills -- skills that will let you move up to where you can make some money in the bigger softer games.

The first skill is learning to never play when you don't feel like it. It may be FOMO, it may be the puritan work ethic, but when you are thinking of playing when you'd rather be hanging out, listen to that inner lazy voice. It's trying to tell you something. Chill. Only play games that are irresistible.

The second, and in some ways more important, skill is learning to rage quit. When something happens that infuriates you and you want to get up and leave, get up and leave. Nurture your inner rage. If you say, "As soon as it's my blind, I'm outta here," pamper yourself and don't wait for your blind. Storm off now.

Once you get these two things down, you can play any game at any stakes.

I've always thought you were a natural in these two areas, but for some reason you seem to fight it. Maybe you're embarrassed by your gifts. Maybe you like making things difficult as an extra incentive. Who knows?

Also, it's fine that you are spending time studying poker, but for every hour watching poker videos, try to spend two hours wondering if there are any hot chicks out by the pool. Your game will improve more quickly once you learn to focus on what's important.

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