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Re: 700 BB 3/6 hand

Originally Posted by smoothcriminal99 View Post
I donít think solvers exist for 3handed spots with such varying stack sizes but if they did I highly doubt the sims would say that. You have a LOT of draws that have too much equity to fold to a cr here and your saying the only made hands in your continue range are top set from a gto perspective and maybe some middle sets???? Thatís like 8 combos in holdem so probably less then 5% of your range. If thatís the case the solver probably has overpairs+ cr for value which I know is not gto.

This is a conplicated spot with the shorter stack, i agree.

I was trying to explain solver should be capable of bet/folding many hands in this spot whether this is HU or 3way. My informed opinion is that it can fold at least a small portion of ttxx combos. Just like it can probably fold bottom set at an even higher frequency.

I was not saying solver will not continue with other hands besides top set and premium draws or some kind of 5% range. I have seen plenty of spots where solver bet/folds more than 30% of its betting range.

Of course, this gets abstract very quickly because solver will often choose different sizing or even checkback the flop with various ttxx combos instead of betting large like OP.

I'm still newer to monker world, but this is my conclusion based on my study so far.

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