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Originally Posted by wazz View Post
On this flop, all hands are draws, right? And this deep, we need to try to draw to the nuts, right? So I'd much prefer a hand like AQJT or QJT9 to KKTT, being that we have more than 1 out to the nuts. A solver will (I believe, correct me if I'm wrong) account at least somewhat for the concept of visibility on the turn - with middle set we have little, but with QJT9 or AQJT, we know when we hit, and when we're toast. The fact that we're folding lots of combos of TT - which don't actually constitute that much of our starting range (i.e. we're folding loads of sh**y TTxx, where we're playing a bunch of playable QQxx and QTxx) doesn't matter that much.

Facing a c/r here, I'm not folding TT with basically any flush or straight draw, but not only drawless but blocking some of the draws we want to be up against, there's lots of 'weaker' hands that can hit the turn that are in our calling range.
You eluded to the reason that TT would be a solver continue for sure but came to the wrong conclusion. You have no coverage 2-7 T Q turns if you don’t continue with enough of these type of hands. Exploitably the way you play I could just c/r 100% of hands OTF and pot 2-7 T Q turns and c/f all other ones. You are over covering part of turns and under covering a lot of them with your range construction. The problem with the hands you mentioned I imagine cr range for Villian would include qtj9 and ttxx so those hands do significantly worse against that portion of villains range in a solver and their chop equity is fairly minor vs draws. I also don’t like what you are implying that you’d fold ajqt on a 2-7 turn after continuing flop

But we are talking about solvers and equilibriums. In reality people don’t construct ranges the way solvers do and don’t arrive at equilibriums so exploitably people are cring strong made hands and strong draws and TT no redraws does poorly against that range and they probably won’t adjust and cr more and attack boards you have bad coverage on so like I said earlier exploitably it’s better to probably just fold vs most live plo opponents

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