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Grind and travel and grind some more

Hello everyone again,

so I just wrapped up my other PGC. This one I will start with a little more introduction of myself!

My name is Thomas, in my early 30ies from Austria. I have been playing poker since 2009. Got decent, made extra cash while I was a student by playing up to NL100, but turned to playing recreationally when I started working in advertisement. Thats what I did until 2018, a year that changed some things for me. In late 2018 I quit my job (with the possibility to return) and went traveling in India with my cousin for a few months. I stayed from January to May, had a great time and decided that after a few months in Austria, working some and saving more before I would return to India, which I did in September. In May 2019 I put €100 to my favourite site and started playing there, next to working as a bicycle delivery driver. From this deposit I grinded up my roll, which I am playing up to NL200 with now.

This year I was renting a friends spare room, living there with my cat and grinding it out. So far I am up roughly 30k from January to July, which I am very happy with. My way to check if poker is the way to go at this point of my life is that I want cash out at least what I would have earned in my job, and I was successful at that so far and have an alright cushion.

Right now
At the moment I am staying in Varna, Bulgaria with Björn from Norway, who plays MTTs. It´s my first poker house and pretty nice
We arrived 3 weeks ago, didn´t get in much volume cause drinking and going out lots etc. but am up an ok amount so far.

We played some afternoon HU on our porch yesterday and I have a nice hand to share. For the setting: I heard about scandis before that they are maniacs, and Björn proved that, he pushed it pretty much anytime he could lol

We were playing with Bulgarian coins as chips, but agreed on playing 0.1/0.2$ stakes. So 1 Leva = 10 Dollar and BB was 2 stotinka.

This was a 600bb pot:


we are both ~300bb deep, action was: I open J8s, B 3bets, I 4b

Flop is 973

I cbet about 30bb into 50bb, B ch/r to 75BB, I call

Turn: T

B shoves

We ran it twice, but he was drawing dead with his 76o.. which is why there are 6 cards in case anyone wonders ^^

So at the moment my primary goal is to get back on the grind. There are 21 days left in August and I will aim low: I want to play at least 60h of poker in that time. Traffic is low at the moment at my mainsite, but in the evenings it´s ok and I started playing at the chico network and trying some of the apps now.
I am not sure how much I want to define a long term goal, but a thing in the back of my head is that as a way out of poker I´d like to get a pilots license and possibly become a commercial pilot at one point in my life, because I don´t want to ever go back to the office grind if possible. Would have to save up about 100k to do so. Let´s see

For all of you that made it this far reading, two pictures of our garden cat. Her name is Miezi. She joined me the first day when I had breakfast outside and I started buying her food because I am a total cat person:



gl at the tables everyone and cheers
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