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Re: Mastering Mental Game and Mental Health

One million hands at 500z and why PGC is dying

I've ummed and ahhed as to whether to do a write-up regarding this topic but have decided that due to 2p2 (particularly PGC) being such a significant part of my poker journey, I feel I owe it in some way.

It's undeniable that 2p2 traffic has decreased I just have to look at my 223 subscribed threads to see only a few sporadic updates. Unfortunately, the ones that do have reams of posts, are the painfully difficult to read, abusive and troll-filled.

It makes sense - with the era of solvers there is less to dispute theoretically. Gone are the days where people disagreed based on the way they "felt" about a hand and challenged them to hu4rollz. Now you can just solve the spot and the argument is over. In addition, it seems that less and less people are using 2p2 in comparison to other social media like IG. Also edges are smaller than ever so of course you don't wanna rail someone.

For me, one of the biggest issues is that PGC used to be a solid community where people supported one another (amongst the trolling and hate but that was part in parcel of the whole thing!). OP's were subscribed to a ton of other blogs and would actively get involved in discussion to support their fellow regs/PGCers.

So what's different now? One possible reason could be that no one is leading by example anymore (even though I try to post feedback on hands from new and upcoming micro guys, my motivation is weaning). In my opinion, the main explanation is that there seems to be a new wave of posters in this forum (this isn't hate, rather reality), who seem more interested in documenting their own stories without contributing to the rest of the community. Again, I totally get this, that is the nature of a blog, but not how PGC historically operated.

I want to acknowledge that the content that I put out in my blog, whilst more consistent than most, is for the most part, pretty dry. Largely because of lockdown, but also my motivation has lessened since my blog has quietened down and also I don't really feel I need to hold myself accountable in the same way as I used to. Maybe less people are reading, or more probably, my blog is too samey which disincentivises people to post. I also realise that I'm likely nostalgically holding onto something that is rapidly dying and need to get over it and move on.

Either way, I don't intend this post to be a whine because I've never been into that kinda thing, especially in this PGC. Rather to say that I feel that with the milestone of hitting 1million hands at 500z, completing my MA and accreditation after six years of training, it feels like a good opportunity to stop regularly posting here. I will continue to update my instagram, mainly because I love the interaction, but also because it offers a platform for me to offer therapy/mental game coaching for poker players, which ultimately became the very goal of this thread.

So here are my 500z results which I'm super proud of (disclaimer: it doesn't contain the 50k hands of party 500ff where I broke even)

Moving forward my goal is to do 1-2 articles a month on my website regarding all things mental health and poker while I build my private practice. I may drop in here every now and then to link them/give a short update, but unlike when I began this blog and posting had a cathartic effect on my lived experience as a poker player (downswings, tilt, my general journey), I feel I've arrived at a place where I'm actually really content with my life in and out of poker.

Anyway this is tl;dr so if you got through it all congrats

Take care and good luck!
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