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Originally Posted by BigBananas View Post
hi, right now table tamer software is down. for 2 days now.

I use it to stack and tile my PPPoker windows client softwares and have 1 hotkey on my mouse that sends each table back to the stack when i don't want it in the grid..

any idea if your software can support this? don't really care about betsizing hotkeys or anything else really...just want to use something that can make the grind more efficient and clean up desktop space.
PPPoker isn't one of the built-in supported sites... you would need to choose "Other" from the sites drop down, and go through the wizard to add some basic support for that site. however, i just got an email yesterday, one player just attempted this, and he said that there is no way to distinguish the lobby from a table, so SAT ends up putting the lobby in the grid slots as well. i will try to download this site later and see if i can figure out a workaround

and yes you can easily set up a hotkey to move a table back and forth from the stack or to the grid slots

Originally Posted by BigBananas View Post
EDIT: also Gregnice watsup, i remember hanging out with you at aussie millions 2007 or 2008....magicninja, jimmyhat, urself and a few others...rockpool then spearmint rhino like back to back to back aha good times.
Lol wow, I dont know who you are.. but yes i remember all of that, awesome times. i took a horrid beat that tournament and then tried to martingale 1k bets on roulette and blew it all. i ended up going to sydney and met a girl and stayed there for about a year more
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