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Originally Posted by bballwiz View Post
For # 3 I entered "
increase_bet_increment=0.5" but that didn't seem to change anything.
did you put that line underneath the [settings] line? Did you save the file and completely close out SAT?

Originally Posted by bballwiz View Post
Also the decrease bet is not working, only increase bet for the scroll wheel works.
Did you choose the "WheelDown" key for the hotkey?
Can you just click File->Current Layout, and paste me everything?

Originally Posted by bballwiz View Post
On top of that when I enter a hotkey for 2.5 bb that works but if I try to click the increase bet after 2.5 bb is entered it doesn't go to 3.5 bb. Is that how that should function?
The "Bet x BB" hotkey should bet whatever bb amount you've chosen.

The "Increase Bet" hotkey should first read the existing bet from the betbox, do the calculation, and then input the new bet

These features should work without bugs, so it might be a configuration issue that we need to sort out.
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