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Originally Posted by AuMind View Post
Having some minor issues setting up my Ignition tables. Some tables open up fine but others have no label at the top so I can't even click and move them. For whatever reason, if I click "Full Screen," all the tables will maximize and then restore down quickly and the label will now appear on all tables. How do I fix this?

I do have multiple monitors but all of them have the same scaling (100%) and none of them are 4k. Tables are set to the minimum size Ignition allows if that makes a difference.
When you say 'label' do you mean the titlebar of the window? Which shows the table name and stuff and has the minimize, maximize, close buttons?

If so, I'm not sure why that wouldn't show. Perhaps your slots are off-screen? You can click the Visualize Grid button to make sure the slots are lined up on-screen.

Otherwise, can you click File->Current Layout, and paste me the full file?
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