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Re: Official Outer Limits/Debunking Thread

My personal favourite:

5) Get a weather balloon

In January 2017, University of Leicester students strapped some cameras to a weather balloon and sent it skyward. The balloon rose 77,429 feet (23.6 kilometers) above the surface, well above the level needed to view the planet's curves. The instrument aboard the balloon sent back stunning footage that shows the curve of the horizon.

As long as your balloon has a payload of less than four pounds, there are hardly any restrictions on launching it. Just call the Federal Aviation Administration ahead of time to make sure you're not headed into restricted airspace.
And OMG they did it! Look at that earth curve

Amazing. Let's just take a look at the full video they recorded and cherry picked the above awesome earth curve shot from. Oh dear, what a fraudulent piece of trash this is.

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