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Re: Official Outer Limits/Debunking Thread

4) Go climb a tree
This is another one of those self-evident things: You can see farther if you go higher. If the Earth was flat, you'd be able to see the same distance no matter your elevation. Think about it: Your eye can detect a bright object, like the Andromeda galaxy, from 2.6 million light-years away. Seeing the lights of, say, Miami from New York City (a distance of a mere 1,094 miles or 1,760 kilometers) on a clear evening should be child's play.

But it's not. That's because the curvature of the Earth limits our sight to about 3.1 miles (5 kilometers) unless you climb up a tall tree, building or mountain and get yourself a perspective from higher up.
From a height of 6 feet above sea level, the horizon "should" indeed be at a distance of 3 miles.

And yet here we clearly see the horizon way beyond 10 miles from an observer height of 5 feet

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