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Re: Official Outer Limits/Debunking Thread

3) Watch an eclipse AKA the trainwreck of fallacious reasoning

Aristotle also bolstered his belief in a round Earth with the observation that during lunar eclipses, the Earth's shadow on the face of the sun is curved. Since this curved shape exists during all lunar eclipses, despite the fact that Earth is rotating, Aristotle correctly intuited from this curved shadow that the Earth is curvy all around — in other words, a sphere.

For that matter, solar eclipses also tend to bolster the idea that the planets, moons and stars are a bunch of roundish objects orbiting each other. If the Earth is a disk and the stars and planets a bunch of small, nearby objects hovering in a dome above the surface, as many flat-Earthers believe, the total solar eclipse that crossed North America in August 2017 becomes very difficult to explain.
Begging the question once – Earth shadow on the face of the sun

Begging the question twice – the fact that Earth is rotating

Begging the question thrice – “Aristotle correctly intuited” which makes this not a proof but a good guess which is confirmed with a proof to be found elsewhere

Stereotype fallacy and false dichotomy – “if the earth is a disk... etc”

Again, let's state this another way:

'The eclipse is caused by a celestial body known as the black sun obscuring the sun/moon.'

Your objection is valid, but the reason for your objection probably is not.
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