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Re: Golf Betting Picks and Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by westswindon View Post
Not a lot, my golf units are peanuts (1u = 40), but I am sure the liquidity is there for 4/5/10x though.

edit: Just checked and you can currently get 265 matched on Reavie at 160.00 for 44,000 - so the availability is there.
That's better than I suspected, if you keep taking those prices it can't be long until you're capping out. Are you pretty selective only taking the absolute monster value picks? I noticed you don't have a lot of bets, but the ones you do are obviously ridiculously profitable.

Lol at someone laying 44k to win 265 on Reavie. I mean, don't see him ever winning, but that just seems bananas to me.

For UK guys a few books have specials for PGA:

WH are price matching, so you can take the best price at their somewhat ok 20% 1-9 e/w terms. Im at 91 (matched from bet365) looks decent.

Betway and Starsports are paying as a winner if your horse leads after any round (dead heat rules).

They both have pretty small caps, but they're good offers.
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