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Re: The_Dean221 MTT Coaching

Hi everone,

Just wanted to leave some feedback here regarding Grayson's coaching. I've been playing poker since 2011. Due to other priorities, I haven't been playing as much the last couple of years, and my winrate was stagnating. Just like many of you I was jobless during the coronavirus lockdown. I decided to pick up poker again.

Luckily for my winrate, Grayson had a coaching spot available. We're nearing the end of our 10 sessions now, and I can confidently say my poker game is already far better than during my winningest years. (Don't know if that's how that adjective works but let's roll with it for now). It's so refreshing to have someone look at you making a play - that you believe is as orthodox as the pope's hat - and go: why? What is this open accomplishing for you?
His approach not only helped me assume a different perspective of the game, it also gave me the tools to have a plan in every single hand.
And that's something I've never had in poker. Even though I'm by no means "there" yet, the confidence I get from having a plan is reinvigorating, and is helping me boost my winrate.

Apart from helpful new poker concepts, you will also learn a ton of cool proverbs. So if you have a linguistic fetish, I'm sure that will be satisfied too.

Grayson, to you I want to say thank you for bringing me on a path where I'm seriously considering having poker as my main source of income for a couple of years. That's something I didn't think was possible a couple of months ago.

I've made some horrible misplays the past week, so I look forward to getting slapped in the face in our last couple of sessions :-).
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