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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by Pokerwinners1 View Post

We have made it absolutely clear to the player via email (Which he has responded too without agreeing) that until a satisfactory resolution is made:

> Every unauthorised game the player plays and subsequently cashes in will be ON STAKE with profits added to the total he owes

> Every unauthorised game the player plays and does not cash in will not be considered on stake

Due to the fact that he is using our stolen funds to play these games.

Updated Amount Owing

Daryl 'DJG1989' Green played the $530 Medium Stadium Series Grand Final and is currently sat 273/344. He has locked up $1,521.27 so 1163 has now been added to the 7250 he previously stole.

New balance is 8413
His pokerprolabs is not locked
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