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Re: **NEGATIVE Feedback Thread (for Marketplace and all Subforums)**

Originally Posted by Pokerwinners1 View Post
Daryl stole 7250

Name: Daryl James Green
Pokerstars: DJG1989
888: Ckcallckfold
Party: Deej2019

Address: United Kingdom residing in Philippines
Email :
Skype: boredofbreaks
Discord: DJG#2559
WApp: +63 936 930 1676

After an 8 year history of on-off staking due to various transgressions with gambling issues, always being broke, rule breaks etc we took Daryl back on two weeks ago as he was in a desperate personal situation and it was hoped the proviso's we put in place would allow him to prosper. Although he has displayed degen tendencies in the past, he has never gone as far as stealing funds prior to this.

A week into the staking, having built up a 4250 deficit, DJG1989 chopped the $55 KO on Stars for $5.3k and also won another small competition for $800 thus having 7250 in his Pokerstars account.

He asked for a loan via Western Union as an advance and even though his overall P&L was only +900 we immediately sent him 500 via Western Union to help him through his personal financial issues.

He updated his balance after the next days play as 6750, sent some messages about how he can't afford to think long-term.

The next day he had blocked his Sharkscope and deleted his previous balance update, along with every other message posted in the team server since he rejoined and every message in his private messages.

Daryl has not responded to any correspondence so its presumed that he has stolen these funds. Daryl is still playing his DJG1989 account during this time with our funds.

I've since spoke to others that he has borrowed money from then 'disappeared' without trace.

DJG1989 owes 7250

We have made it absolutely clear to the player via email (Which he has responded too without agreeing) that until a satisfactory resolution is made:

> Every unauthorised game the player plays and subsequently cashes in will be ON STAKE with profits added to the total he owes

> Every unauthorised game the player plays and does not cash in will not be considered on stake

Due to the fact that he is using our stolen funds to play these games.

Updated Amount Owing

Daryl 'DJG1989' Green played the $530 Medium Stadium Series Grand Final and is currently sat 273/344. He has locked up $1,521.27 so 1163 has now been added to the 7250 he previously stole.

New balance is 8413
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