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Re: bet online changes payout during the tournament to winner takes all

Originally Posted by Helllsreal View Post

so today betonline started with their freebuy series. i played the 1000 guaranteed where you could rebuy or addon with 50 cents. this tournament had a normal payout, more or less 15 percent of the players would get paid.

now suddenly, after more than 2 hours of play and right at the end of the rebuy phase and at the beginning of the addon phase, they changed the payout to winner takes all there were around 400 player of more than 2000 left at this point, the original payout would be 332 players paid.

this was very confusing so i wrote with live chat and they told me this was a "cardroom decision"

i obviously moved allin after i got this very tilting info and lost my stack. before i was like top ten and things looked good for me and other bigstacks.

i think this its very shady to change the payout just like that DURING the tournament, i never saw such practices ever before. people were playing tight and solid to get in the money. they also rebought which probably only few would have done if the would have know its a winner takes all.

stay away from this shady site is my only conclusion here. its such a deceptive move and i think they only wanted to get people on their site for advertising this freebuy thing. with all the rebuys and addons done (which would not have been done if the tourney was a winner takes all from the beginning) there was almost no money contributed by betonline to this tournament.

really i never ever saw a site doing something like this in the past. i feel cheated for the time i spent playing there in this tournament and for my chances of getting a solid cash. luckily i did not rebuy or addon.

I got 7th and they won't respond to my emails. What a joke this place is, time to cashout I guess. Can't trust a site that changes payout structure in middle of a tournament ! ! ! I would reccomend avoiding playing here to anyone with a brain !

I 100% would not have rebought or added on if I knew it was a winner take all, hell I would not have even played lol ...
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