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Re: Mastering Mental Game and Mental Health

July results

As with all downswings, the lurkers always come out itt, but they also rear their head at the tables of course

Still unsure what Lux's obsession is with me, but it's undeniably cute as hell.

The good news is that I am down less than i was after the first week of the month. The bad news is, well, you can see the bad news! I made a very good comeback at 500z, but got stacked very often playing 1k reg games, even though these games were signifincalty softer than zoom.


Graph in bb too

In terms of bb, things didn't go so badly with a ~-22bi month. My study has ramped up massively, as has my attempt at finding better games elsewhere. Call me crazy, but I really feel like both my theoretical game and mental game are the best they have ever been, and I truly feel that my results are going to reflect this at some stage. I guess only time will tell about this one though!

Off the tables I've been increasing my client loads in both therapy and mental game - seeing over 10 clients a week on Mondays and Tuesdays, and did my final assessment - will receive the results in September sometime. Also been skating every day which is SO good. The goal is to learn how to 360 flip in the next couple months

Going on a 6 day break mid month but will be grinding hard before and after.

Gl this month and take care <3
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