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Re: Thoughts? WSOP in Fall 2020 does it happen?

Originally Posted by DafarginNuts View Post
WOW sure accounts for why 151,000 and counting are dying.
Americans cant even leave thier country, because theyre banned in almost every country
SO proud to be canadian. WE got it right from the start (common sense)
Dont get me wrong I have very dear freinds in america
Absolutely stunned by the stupidity.
However your delusional , repulsive, delusional "stable genius" will definitely build on that 151,000
It's very interesting to me that you're so focused on the absolute death count because the populations of Canada and the United States are VASTLY different from one another. Canada has approximately 37.6 million residents, while the U.S. has approximately 329 million. That means the U.S. has 8.75x more residents than Canada. The per capita Covid-19 death rate in Canada is .0237%, or 1 in every 4,208 people. The per capita death rate in the U.S. as a result of Covid-19 is .0456%, or 1 in every 2,178 people. The difference in death rates between Canada and the U.S. is only a factor of 1.92, which is not that substantial. Canada is far more rural on average than the U.S. and has a lot less major cities with dense populations. Local and state governments are better prepared to handle their own policies on controlling the spread of Covid than across-the-board policies established by the federal government. A state like Wyoming or Alaska has unique qualities, particularly low population density, compared to highly populated states likes Ohio, Florida, or Illinois that are densely populated. Standard federal guidelines don't make sense for every state when the prevalence is low among some, and higher in others.
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