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Re: Hearthstone?! (Blizzard online card game)

Way too earlyİ Mage card review:

4.5/5 Mages have actually majorly struggled with 1 health minion spam (relying usually on blizzard or a pseudo clear). Almost passes vanilla test. Oh, and the effect deals damage to the opposing hero so it can also be a win condition if we get enough spell damage.

3/5 (pending more support) I think a lot of the time this has to be played on curve with no spells. So how good is that?

Worse now mage is suddenly overpolluted with 5 drops. Think Malygos, Big Ol' Whelp, Rolling Fireball, and now all these new 5's. That said mage excels at throwing down minions that scream 'kill it now' and this is one of them.

4.5/5 I'm expecting a lot of value out of this. Kill a 2/2? Now you deal 2 damage to the sides of that minion. Obviously gets extra punch from spell damage so that's nice.

4.5/5 Will definitely be used in cheap spell decks and as an activator. Pairs great with other mage cards released so far. Also mage's first cheap silence effect it's ever gotten.

--------------------------INTERESTING NEUTRALS---------------------------

5/5, will be in most mage decks Mage has so many cheap activators. Arcane Breath, Ray of Frost, Frostbolt. Then medium activators in Combustion and Rolling Fireball(!) for possible multi-steals. Oh - don't forget this can targe your minions

4.5/5 Imagine using this against aggro - suddenly this becomes a 1 mana draw 2-3 (and glide prevention!) where you discord your 'dead' cards that are too expensive. Or, if you're playing control, draw for value. Amazing card, just frustrating if you find this card late else this would be a 5.

5/5 This card does it all. Quest mage support. Dragon support. An amazing over-statted body. Learn Draconic support. Probably my sleeper card of expansion.
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