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Re: 700 BB 3/6 hand

I agree with you Loctus that getting it in on flop is lighting money, vs QQ we in bad shape and vs AKJhh or AJ9hh or A987hh we are close to 50/50. So makes no sense to get it in on the flop.

Regarding "And I would say if villain has the heart draw he also has a straight almost always on turn here." couldn't villain have QQJhh or AQQhh? AQThh, AKQhh, etc? There have to be combos of flush draws that aren't made straights on turn. The Queen being a spade on the flop and not a heart opens up much more combos of that does it not?

What do you guys think about the argument that when I have KK it weighs his flop c/r range more towards QQ because three kings are accounted for? If I had TT22 I'd fold this turn easily and not think about it. Any A/J/9 or heart I fold turn but the K is the hardest card in the deck when a lot of his c/r range is QQ and three kings are out of the deck
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