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Re: Hearthstone?! (Blizzard online card game)

I’m trying to imagine how that card isn’t broken and it’s really hard. Would a 4 mana “your opponent shuffles 3 cards from their hand into their deck see play” on its own?probably not but but it’s not a snap no. Now factor in the fact that it’s going to be run in decks that spew out cards and it basically reads draw 3 cards, you opponent discards 3-4 cards and also loses any in hand effects and also start again gathering combo pieces.

**** me I rarely have strong feelings in prerelease but this card is so good. . There will be turns where you start with an empty hand and your opponent has 9 cards and it ends where you have a board and card advantage and have discounted warglaives in hand. If you draw skull off this its 50% to be active! This set was clearly being made around the time of the original set
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