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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by Bighurt52235 View Post

Also intend to watch Homer's Enemy because Im not sure what that is.
So this is actually super difficult. I know my number 1, but instead of listing my top 5, Im gonna list the top 5 that I think everyone should watch, which encompasses a lot of different kinds of episodes.

1. Last Exit to Springfield - It is and always has been my all time favorite episode. Its incredible. The jokes hit at a 100% clip. The story is surprisingly deep and touching, and its got Burns at his best.

2. Who Shot Mr. Burns 1 and 2 - These count as one episode to me. Its a perfect murder mystery/who shot JR parody.

3. Lisa on Ice - A brilliant look at the kids and their sibling rivalry/connection. And of course, two of the most quotable lines from the shows history are in this episode. Bonus points for a team having the nickname Gougers.
(Alternate option for a sports episode - Homer at the Bat, the single largest collection of guest stars in an episode to that point. Sports humor at its finest.)

4. The PTA Disbands! - Its important to have a school based storyline in here, and this one is the best of the first 6 seasons. - Honk if you love cookies!

5. Lisa's Wedding. - The first (and what should have been only) flash forward episode. Its still warm.

Gonna cheat here and add one more. The Simpsons is synonymous with Halloween television, and Treehouse of Horror V is the cream of the crop.

Looking through the episode list, you really can't go wrong with any season 6 episode (Does not include Another Simpsons Clip Show, but that episode doesn't count anyway.) Not only are there no bad episodes there, but aside from Round Springfield, every episode is at least great with many in the GOAT range.
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