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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by master3004 View Post
A lot of people consider this the end of the golden era, as by having what amounts to a real person show up in Springfield, it outlines just how much of a cartoon Homer is. And when the conceit of the entire golden era run is "The exploits of a down on their luck modern family" having a truly down on their luck character arrive and point out just how well the Simpsons are actually doing in spite of Homer's stupidity and oafishness kinda destroys the premise of the show as a whole.
It's a fair criticism that I don't really have any argument with, but it doesn't cause me to like the episode less. The Simpsons was just never a show where I had any particular emotional connection to the characters or their circumstances. They were all just clowns put on my TV to amuse me.
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