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Re: Biggest loser in online poker history wants to grind $16k

Last month was the biggest losing month ever and it's because these idiots are ruining my winning sessions on purpose by endless minraising not folding to anything, raising 80% buttons not folding, calling every flop like you can see from that hand I had sevens.

Also players achmedpower, Dilettant, OmgAKs, semibluff888 start to reraise me with 60-80% when they sit in position and the hands are total crap. That last guy reraised me with 62 offsuit and I had AK you know what card came to flop. There are others but that king of 3betting % against my early position raises is something you wont see at these stakes normally at all.

Dilettant and OmgAKs are also Belarus players who came to sit same tables with me and their every actions take lots of time in every hand they are both in. Definitely talking hands together. I've report about it too.

There was 40 sessions in last month and I won 13 of them. No need to say those 13 was sessions I didn't have to play against total these idiots. And in those others 27 sessions there was very good starts before these idiots came in. It's just very clearly and I can prove it that these players are just here ruining my game and they have been doing it for years.

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