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Re: Mastering Mental Game and Mental Health

June results

Sup? Another month in the books and similar to the last, it has absolutely flown by. Not even sure how i played so many hands but it happened Taking every Monday and Tuesday off poker continues to do wonders for my motivation. Also have finished my dissertation which is due on the 6th. That's everything done now apart from the viva (as long as i pass one of the longer written pieces).

Ran some below ev, all at 1k pretty much, but that didn't stop me playing A game throughout the month. Let's see how July plays out.


Stake breakdown

Going to be taking a few days off from around the 6th - i need a break very badly. Gunna head back to my home town with my gf and just go for walks, eat pub food and chill out bigtime.

Gl closing out the month and take care!
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