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Re: Hearthstone?! (Blizzard online card game)

Originally Posted by jmakin View Post
Can you post the tempo priest list?
I'm not totally endorsing this, but here's the list I used.

### Tempo Priest
# Class: Priest
# Format: Standard
# Year of the Phoenix
# 2x (0) Power Word: Shield
# 2x (1) Imprisoned Homunculus
# 2x (1) Inner Fire
# 2x (1) Renew
# 1x (1) Soulbound Ashtongue
# 2x (2) Injured Tol'vir
# 2x (2) Kul Tiran Chaplain
# 2x (2) Sethekk Veilweaver
# 2x (3) Dark Prophecy
# 2x (3) Dragonmaw Overseer
# 1x (3) Faceless Rager
# 2x (3) Overconfident Orc
# 1x (4) Archmage Vargoth
# 1x (4) High Priest Amet
# 2x (4) Power Infusion
# 2x (4) Psychopomp
# 2x (5) Psyche Split
AAECAa0GBNaZA8idA6mlA+O+Aw34AuUEr6UD0qUDmrYDk7oDlr oDm7oDsLoD6boD5r4Do9UDpNUDAA==

There have been a few similar lists posted on r/CompetitiveHS. Most have a Reliquary of Souls, but I used Soulbound Ashtongue because I didn't want to craft for the deck. There is something to be said for the 1 extra health, and the downside rarely mattered.

I didn't start that well with the deck, but it felt like I kept getting unlucky from dominant positions and I was having fun, so I stuck with it and started dominating. I know I went 11-1 from D6 to D2. But then it started struggling again and I moved on.

You need to mulligan very aggressively for the 1-drops so you can start snowballing ASAP. You can often take a stranglehold on the board within the first few turns. The problem with the deck is that it runs out of stuff quickly and if you get taken off the board, it's over. If you don't win fast enough, most decks have some way to end your pressure for good.
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