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Hearthstone?! (Blizzard online card game)

Can you post the tempo priest list?

I never am sad about queuing into a demon hunter because they’re all bad and trade too much. But if you play that deck properly, you can just utterly steal games you had no business winning. I never concede games with DH because so often ive been in “unwinnable” scenarios and then it’s like oh woops I found 27 damage in two turns gg.

It has a lot of auto-loss scenarios which I find annoying when I play a deck, so I avoid playing it. Warrior plopping down an armorsmith and getting 40 whirlwinds off into it is one.

There’s not one deck on ladder that doesn’t do obnoxious ****. I hate all of them and I hate playing all of them, except galakrond warlock.
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