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Re: Mexico City is underrated thread!

Yes, it used to look like this. It must have been amazing and even the Spanish who arrived said it was the most impressive thing they'd ever seen. Sadly, the Spanish systematically ruined it. You can still see remnants of the main temple in CDMX's center. Most of the water has long since dried up, but you can still see a tiny glimpse of what the canals may have been like in Xochimilco. Because the foundation is a dried out lake, the city actually sinks a cm or 2 each year. It also makes the area more susceptible to earthquakes.

It's a fascinating history and part of the reason I love Mexico so much. I recently watched this primer on Aztec History which is pretty well done. It details their arrival to Tenochtitlán (modern day CDMX) up until the Spanish eventually gained control.

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