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Re: Mexico City is underrated thread!

Originally Posted by LOL_BREXIT View Post
Both N26 and Revolut are available now in the US.
Both are available. I have checked out both of them. Watched reviews etc.. N26 and revolut have limited ATM w/d of like 200 dollars a month. These are more like spare accounts for travelers not a place to keep your whole roll unless you live in EU and are using in EU. Still have foreign and atm fees. So does Monzo. Starling is for business. I think I will keep my roll state side until I am able to open a foreign account. This seems like the best option. Capital One checking is where I have an account, I have not made a dep. yet. I have 60 days to do so opening online, has no atm fees or transaction fees. Just have to wait until I have enough time in foreign country when borders open to open a foreign account. Thanks for the advise.
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