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Re: Mexico City is underrated thread!

Originally Posted by LOL_BREXIT View Post
You might want to look into getting Revolut and/or N26.
That will save you a lot of money while traveling.
I have not heard of revolut.? I have heard of N26. I thought that was for Europe customer only as accounts are in EU.? I thought I saw something on them that I immediately was like "well N26 is out of the question"? I can recheck specifically on them and revolut. I also was looking at other people traveling with money. Do people just take their rolls in cash and then open an account? I imagine back in the day, again I was not around then, that many people had most funds on sites.? Where at stars or party they were safe. Like a bank account. Why so many had to get an local account right away so they had money to live, being is most funds locked up on site until they have proven they had actually moved out of restricted zones, 'the states', so they could access to their money. I read on Cambodi thread that someone had 6K life roll when landing in Cambodia. Are people just going with cash? I know anything over 5k or 10k depending on place has to be claimed. Dont know how they would even find out. I dont think cash comes up on the scanner. I have only had my bags checked like once in all my trips. It was in Korea I think. I watched they did not dig too much. Seems pretty unsafe. From what I can tell still better to get a local bank when you finally post up somewhere. I think I might keep Capital until I get somewhere I like and post up for at least 6 months and open a local account to avoid fees etc...I will check revolut and N26 again tho. Exhausting just to find a good bank to trust decent amount of money with. Once I have a local account I guess you just transfer. So no minimum bal. what ever account I choose would be great. Maybe keep just a little in states for an emergency flight home. So I have funds in states. Move everything else. Thanks for the replies. Maybe I should put an avatar on here.? So people are more friendly. LOL Thanks again
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