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Re: Mexico City is underrated thread!

Originally Posted by vherreral View Post
FYI most ewallets stopped providing a debit card for LATAM, including Mexico.
Still they're very useful to move money between sites, but not recommended to use them to convert your usd to mxn, at least not on a professional level, as their exchange fee is around 4% depending on ur vip status.
You might wanna try Much Better tho, they're new on the ewallet for gambling sites market, but seems they have smaller fees overall and p2p transfers are free.
Best way to convert usd to mxn I have found, needs triangulation (either usd-crypto-mxn using bitso; or usd-eur-european bank-mxn), not super easy but imo it is worth when converting over 50k usd yearly. This way think u'll pay around 0.5% exchange fees, which can turn to 0% if u enter a mexican crypto/poker swap group.
Yes I talked to Skril, so I imagine Neteller the same since are related there is no debit card for MX available. Maybe bitpay, not sure didnt ask. Dont use much if ok to use in MX. On banking did more research. I was trying to get all money out of U.S. banking. Im not sure possible unless able to stay in one place for a really long time. Found out Bank of America has allegience W Santander and free to use ATM w no charge. I found out many of the bigger banks say there is no charge no matter the bank, just dont use street corners. So many things to figure out. There is a change I can go to Asia without MX. So not looking into that. Onward flight stuff, Visa stuff, which would then change banking to citi prolly. Citibank is in vegas and also in Thailand and you can find in Vietnam major cities, and Philippines. Not many. So still again might be just easier to have a bank that has free ATM use so I am not limited to like 2 ATM in the city. Of course I plan to get a months worth out in cash and only use ATM on occasion. So maybe not bad. Any more help? I m in the Thailand threads as well. I got 2 months to figure out. I trying to figure out my scripts also. My meds are apparently illegal in Thailand. So...yeah
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