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Re: Mexico City is underrated thread!

Originally Posted by Fossilkid93 View Post
Sorry, no clue on the banking stuff or setting up Party/Stars as I haven't gone through either of those processes yet. Re: your internet question, it's been pretty solid here in CDMX.
where do you bank.? havent you been down there awhile now.? where do you play? banking from my research seems like a problem or hassle. To open an account in mexico have to have FM3 visa which I will have to check requirments and cost before I go. Maybe worth it even if not going for more then 6 months. I know I can get the 6 month or less tourist card at the border. Not sure on FM3. Probably just have to bite the bulllet. So I can have an account. Want all my money out of U.S. just in case something happens. I dont like my money all over in different countries. Citi is Banamex. But still charge fees if you dont transfer into a Banamex account. Santander I think is HSBC. Which I dont have here in vegas I dont think. Either way. Not on my list for banking. I contacted skril personally to ask what rules are. I had to close my U.S. account so I can re open in mexico. Bitcoin only an option out of the states, but cant get a skril card in Mexico or a local account to send money to. So cant leave money w Skril. Neteller Im sure same since they own each other. Ok so Ill have to figure out the FM3 and how much work that is and time. I only have less then 2 months before scheduled to move. Lease up and not trying to stay here any longer then necc.
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