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Re: Mexico City is underrated thread!

Any advise? Planning on Rosarito next month. Coming to check it out and apartments in a week or two. How is getting on PS an Party? I have never had an account. I saw people had internet issues along time ago being so close to border, Im sure not an issue anymore. Was planning on using a unlocked portable hotspot and local source dat sims. Being so close keep my phone I guess. Once on I think my US hotspot would work unless they need constant MX IP. ? Dont know new territory for me. Im in Vegas at moment. Live going to be weird 5 handed. I want to travel. So now is kinda a good time besides corona. Anything to help my transition would be appreciated. Banking etc.. I was going w capital one. No foreign atm or trans fees, however was trying to move all my money out of US banking if could. I do have a coinbase, skrill account. Skrill new. I have yet to use. Since we dont need here. ACR used to except but I dont see it anymore. WSOP online is a joke so I stay off. Looking forward to grinding PS and Party if I can. If not still be a fun trip before Asia reopens. Then off to Thailand, Philippines etc..I love it there. Hope you can help Thanks. I have yet to get a single response to any posts.
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