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Re: Career transition - where do I go from here?


I will address in sections - feel free to reach out to me privately if you need further suggestions

0) -12 year poker pro. I've done alright,
1) pretty blank resume besides that. my last non-poker job was in high school. -passion for data science and coding in general
2)land an entry-level data scientist position
1) is a handicap but 2) is a great opportunity given covid times - so you need not worry


use your past experience + current = map the future with target org

data science + poker - try to land up a position in one of the poker clients, solver, HUD companies - or coaching companies like upswing, rio etc

if anyone has experience hiring, I'd love to know what the most important criteria are for getting my resume seen and getting an interview.
Referrals, referrals, referrals - esp in covid times - see if you can get networked via 2+2 based on your activity here

Things to do:
Enroll in a data science bootcamp
data science:
Pay and Enroll in Johns Hopkins data science specialization in Coursera (
academics love R, industry loves Python - See if you can bridge both

without fail read these books:

resume/career change:
get this book -
Check Liz Ryan's blog posts -
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