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Career transition - where do I go from here?

Hello all.

About me:

-12 year poker pro. I've done alright, but won't be set up for retirement any time soon and I don't like the direction poker is headed.

-33yo, live in USA

-B.A. in economics from a good public university (2012). pretty blank resume besides that. my last non-poker job was in high school.

-passion for data science and coding in general

I have spent the past month or so taking free online courses (SQL, Python), working through a data science e-book, practicing on, and generally messing around importing, cleaning, and plotting data.

I have the foundations I need for statistics and linear algebra, but there's a lot of learning to do. Strong understanding of statistics is what separates good data scientists from not-good data scientists.


I would like to eventually land an entry-level data scientist position somewhere, but I know I'm not there yet. Here are some paths I'm considering:

A. Continue learning on my own. Do my own little projects. Put them on Github and use that as a 'portfolio'. Try some Kaggle competitions. Get my hard skills to a place where I could hopefully impress in an interview.

B. Enroll in a data science bootcamp or something like Lambda School or Launch School. I read mixed reviews about these online. Anyone have experience?

C. Start off aiming for a data analyst (Excel, Tableau, etc.) role to get my feet wet and get used to being in the workforce. Keep studying on the side. Perhaps an employer will help pay for a Masters.


I could see any combination of the 3 of these being a reasonable approach.

Lastly, if anyone has experience hiring, I'd love to know what the most important criteria are for getting my resume seen and getting an interview.
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