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Re: Fixed O8: Call flop and turn?

What is he flatting in the sb? You have 26 blocking set combos, I can't imagine he has that many JJ combos in his flatting range if he rarely plays from the sb. Imo, you're likely dealing with a lot of A3. Would he bet aj or an overpair here? You have bottom 2, 2nd nut low draw, and a backdoor flush draw and your equity is pretty good on the flop, especially if you're best in 2 directions. If he would donk out hands worse than 2 pair without A3, then a raise is in order. A raise is also better if he would not bet out unimproved A3 again on the turn to make him pay the maximum.

If he's the type of nit that would only bet if he has you beat on the flop for high, then you're better off flatting. If you're not sure but you will know your high is no good if he 3bets you, then I like 2betting the flop for information then folding the river unimproved.
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