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Re: Australian Sports Thread (AFL, NRL)

14-5 +6.99u now - got the Cowboys one in bad unfortunately their defense did not show up today

Adding u40.5 -111 for Newcastle/Canberra tomorrow to go with my Newcastle +8.5 -111

Would have to concede more than 24 points to get scooped here, and while it's certainly possible, it's not super likely, and the Knights can definitely cover with it going under or even win if they have an amazing day

I'm basically betting that the Knights at full strength will make a game of it. If they put in the effort they did last week, they will. If not maybe not, but I think they show up again i'm pretty high on the Knights making the finals this season

In theory I like Tigers -7.5 but not going to bet it or count it for this thread as i'm a Titans fan so staying away for now and will get to cheer for my team to not lost their 15th straight game lol

Disclaimer on the Knights bet it's drifted against me over the past day, -7.5 back to the opening -8.5 again. If Pearce is ruled out i'm going to arb out or take a tiny loss if need be, but if he's in i'm keeping it
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