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Re: Australian Sports Thread (AFL, NRL)

Latrell is good, but Wayne Bennett is a below average coach in 2020 and they're not the same without Cody Walker

Too many handling errors and elite Storm defense today for the Bunnies

They'll win half this games this year though tons of talent etc should finish middle of the pack when they get it together at some point they've also had a tough draw so far

Storm win and Storm lead HT win wins too

13-3 +8.42u now with just the Knights spread pending

No bets for tomorrow's games yet. I initially leaned Manly at +4 but didn't bet it and the line's at 2.5 now, I make that about right and I sort of lean to the Cowboys but don't really want -2.5 either there with no Taumalolo so i'll trust the gameday steam on both games probably.

See you all tomorrow for some more sweats - for the overseas people who don't watch NRL, tomorrow's games are both close on paper, the first game is between two legit contenders and the second game is between two mid level sides, granted the Sharks are out of form and missing one of their halves and the Cowboys are without their best forward.
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