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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by Bighurt52235 View Post
For reals? I looked it up based on earlier mention and it doesn't seem like my kinda thing.
That's because on the surface it looks like a really shitty edgy romcom and I suppose at heart it is but with the most beautifully developed characters with such a genuine realness to certain bits. I quite literally don't know how sell it to people to get them to watch it but it really is amazing. It's also quite hard to find season 1-3 online to stream, may be easier in the US.

Originally Posted by LKJ View Post
By the way, speaking of Mad Men, I recently caught up on the most recent season of Curb, and Jon Hamm as Larry 2.0 was pretty great.
Curb and arrested development are my two comedies that people rave about that which I don't get. Both are ok, perfectly watchable but so much better out there.

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