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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by LKJ View Post
I think I got two full seasons into The Wire, so it wasn't a quick give-up, but I just couldn't find the will to continue at some point. I was liking it well enough, but not loving it. Sopranos was a quick give-up. I'm fanatical about The Godfather I and II, but crime movies/TV can generally be pretty hit-or-miss for me.

I would be seeing GOT through if it weren't for the fact that everyone craps so hard on the last season. It's hard to push myself through when I know I'm likely in for an ending that I'm not going to like.

FWIW I do think Mad Men gets better after the start, but I was in love with it from the first episode. It's not like Parks and Rec, where if a person drops out after three episodes I feel duty-bound to push them to stick with it, or The Office, where I usually just encourage people to start from S02E01 and then fill in season 1 later after they know they like the show.
I think I might give Mad Men a shot later on - I feel like I was expecting something different than what it was and that threw me off as well. It does seem like the kind of show I would enjoy.

As for GOT, before watching it, I kinda figured the criticism for the final season was just standard fanboy-drama so I didn't really give it much thought.

It is really terrible though - still a second place to Battlestar Galactica when it comes to shitty ways to end an otherwise fantastic series, but a pretty close second place, if only because they could've fairly easily done it so much better with GOT.

BG, like Lost, built up stuff that the writers clearly had no clue about how to resolve in the end - which isn't really an excuse, but at least it's an explanation. Ending GOT well was not an impossible task though - they clearly just didn't bother to do so.
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