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Re: Wrestling OT/LC Thread: 346 Days Until Christmas

Originally Posted by LKJ View Post
Gotcha. The wording of "got in quite late" threw me. If a series doesn't work for you then it doesn't work for you. I've got several acclaimed shows that I tried and couldn't really get into (The Wire, The Sopranos, to a lesser extent GOT though I did like that more than the first two).

It's probably not a massive mistake to give up after three episodes of a drama when it doesn't interest you, since dramas tend to come out of the gates full throttle and don't require the same development that comedy often does (any number of great comedies start with a season 1 that kind of sucks).
Yes, I see how that could be interpreted that way - by "got in quite late" I just meant years after it first aired and I had therefore been subjected to years of praise of the show which may have given me too high expectations.

I also never got into The Wire - did watch a full season (maybe 2?) of that though. Never watched Sopranos.

I'm mostly a sci-fi/fantasy/supernatural-fan though. I really liked GOT (except for the final season ldo) though I got into that really late too. Binged all of that during a couple of weeks of corona-lockdown.
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